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by Glamorousnew Admin 16 Jan 2018

We know those News year’s resolutions will be undergoing whilst your battling those chocolate cravings and desperately trying to resist that drink during ‘Dry Jan’, so we’ve put together some motivational tips to ensure you don’t give up.


 1. Don’t set unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions make sure they are manageable goals, start by thinking of small ACHIEVABLE targets to get you going.


 2. Make a list in chronological order of your GOALS so that you can cross them off once they have been accomplished.


 3. Buy yourself a 2018 diary to help you get ORGANISED and feeling fresh.


 4. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t reach your goal straight away, the long-term goals are easily forgotten about, but consistency is key, DON’T give up.


 5. You MUST give 100% if you want to be successful.


 6. But don’t worry you’re in the same boat as everyone else so just GO FOR IT! 

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