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5 Ways To Be More Sustainable Every Day With Glamorous

by Helen Waters 22 Jul 2022

5 Ways To Be More Sustainable In Your Everyday Life

In Celebration of our Glamorous Care Drop we want to share our top tips and easy, practical ways to be more sustainable. Think bigger picture, we want you to be able to buy Glamorous Red Dresses for your parties for years and years to come! So hun, we need to act now!


You don’t have to be a genius to work out how to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Everybody knows the basic principles of the 6 R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Repair, Rethink and Recycle. Obviously, you’re already portioning out your waste into the appropriate bin bags, but did you know our Glamorous Care Range is jumping on the hype too? To be more sustainable, Glam is using conscious fabrics such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Just look out for the tag on each shopping garment to note which one is made from recycled plastic bottles!


Certain members of your household prone to leaving a light on for no reason? The TV and microwave on standstill? Heating on full whack even when it’s not that cold outside? Now’s your chance to grass on ya older sibling or passive aggro housemate! Next time you’ve finished binge watching Netflix (come on, we all love Stranger Things) remember to turn the switch off at the wall. Instead of reaching straight for the heating, might we suggest layering up with one of our oversized Glamorous White Jumpers.


Sounds simple right, well, maybe this is where you start. Our Care Range is designed with responsibility in mind, not only is it committed to minimising environmental impact, it is produced to the highest of standards, made to last in your wardrobe for ever! Fun prints such as the Glamorous Care Tie-Back Strappy Mini Dress are perfect for picnic lunches, first dates, Summer parties and just about everything else in between!


  Match your Glamorous Silver Block Heels to a poppy Axiology Champagne Highlighter. Going greener doesn’t have to be literal girls, lets embrace the shimmer and support a fellow UK established company. Despite Glamorous being found in over 30 countries throughout the world, our roots are British! Our in house buying and merchandising teams work closely with our designers to bring you the very best street style!


You’re reading this, you love shopping, I mean who doesn’t?! Next time you’re buying - opt for digital receipts, even bank balances (but avoid looking if it makes you feel better). Use your phone or other devise to take down work or uni notes. Take the stairs where possible, lifts are a thing of the past. PLUS this counts as a mini work out, on that topic have you seen our Activewear Collection get those steps in, in style! How about going veggie for one day a week? OR even growing your own produce - the world is your oyster! (plant based oyster of course…)
All sounds pretty doable to be honest doesn’t it? For even more uber cool Care Collection product head to our full range.
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