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PSA: Glamorous Has A Care Range

by Helen Waters 21 Jul 2022

Glamorous Care

Glamorous Tops: transforming the fashion foot print one step at a time.
Be Pivotal In Shaping A Positive Future For Fashion.

Glamorous are proactively supporting the major initiative for sustainable fashion: responsibility in mind: minimising our environmental impact: using conscious, recycled and organic fabrics. SHARE in all the reasons we CARE.

Our Mission

To introduce a more sustainable shopping experience for our customer without compromising price or accessibility. Our message is clear: we truly believe garments made with autonomy and care principles in mind CAN exist at an affordable price point with sustainable materials. However, the goal goes far further than the end result, we are addressing every stage of production: through development, sourcing and packaging.

Our Action

By seeking out recycled and sustainably sourced materials we are helping to alleviate the amount of waste sent to landfills. Garments in this range are expertly designed and produced to be worn time and time again. We’re actively seeking to slow down fashion and extend the life-cycle of each piece. Whether it be a Glamorous Red Dress or Brown Long-line Coat: the aim remains the same. With the future in mind, and goals to be achieved, there is work to be done, our next chapter is still in the making.

Our Pieces

Glamorous Care is your new best friend, with strong morals, and even stronger prints! Heat waves seem to be the trend of the summer, but you want to turn up hotter, right? Reach for Havana Heights; the hottest drop this season with a cool agenda! Care collection is conscious, it’s actively responding to the outcry of our planet. By using materials more sustainably sourced, our impact on the environment is being reduced, while garment quality remains consistently high.


Everyone’s Why

Fashion makes a sizeable contribution to climate change. By producing more and more, with a rising demand since the end of the pandemic, the planet is being depleted of it’s vital resources. It isn’t surprising that the industry contributes to humanity’s carbon emissions even more than international flights (believe us, we still understand the importance of you wanting to go on that summer holiday, so it’s essential we act now). Embrace Less Waste.

Your Role

Glamorous customers remain at the heart of everything we do. You are our future, and our Care Collection is yours. By purchasing a garment from the range you are consciously impacting the world we live in for the better. The complexity of the challenge we face as a sector is large, the solutions are not black and white (unless we’re talking monochrome), but with movements like this being supported, we will continue to slow down fashion, reuse, recycle and reduce waste. So whether you’re after a Glamorous top, skirt, dress or anything in between, consider Care.

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