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Sasstainable Party Planning

by Glamorousnew Admin 28 Jul 2022

Plan The Perfect Sustainable Party with Glamorous Care

Sassy, classy and less PLASticy..

Has the pandemic changed your views of going out?

If you’re anything like us, the idea of getting thoroughly dressed up, enjoying amazing food and drinks, having THE BEST time with the girls - is a far more attractive prospect without having to head into town!

Let’s face it - garden parties > basement night clubs. Maybe you prefer going out, maybe you’re looking for balance?

There’s no rule book, but there is a look-book!

Slow down your busy social schedule with some slower fashion - Glamorous Care aims to provide: learning resources, from; textiles, materials, sources, recycling, supply chain. Whether you’re starting out on a more conscious fashion journey or have been in this space for a while. Walk through the following garments and tips with us, let us know your party plans!


As Ines de la Fressange said “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear”. What better way to feel good than knowing the clothes you are fashioning are actively reducing your impact on the world.


Express your style with fun prints that will brighten the mood at every party. Our conscious collection combines Glamorous' brand personality with the strong initiative paving the way for a circular, inclusive and regenerative future for fashion! 


As much as we want to talk specific dishes for hours (believe us, lunch time is discussed at 9am), bigger picture is where it’s at!
🌮 Serve local food - reduce that carbon footprint.
🍽️ If washing up isn’t on the agenda - make sure recyclable plates & cutlery is!
♻️ Recycle all of those empty containers where applicable (we know a Marks and Spencer hors d'orderve when we see one…)


Are you making punch bowls for days? Consider serving them in reusable or recyclable wear rather than plastic cups. Glamorous’ Care range focuses on conscious fabrics including recycled polyester and organic cotton. There are many brands available to support to same movement, such as

(If you're making a cheeky cocktail - why not style it with the perfect Glamorous Care Tie-Back Strap Mini COCKTAIL Dress)



Just like ethical fashion considers impact on people, world, future and trade to name a few. Decorations needn’t buck the trend. Grab some pens, reuse some paper and make your own! Harness that inner child.

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