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by Glamorousnew Admin 02 Aug 2022

Prep For Pride.

Care with Glamorous.

At the end of the month our wonderful city is welcoming one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities. Manchester Pride will begin on August 26th and end on August 29th. The ultimate goal is to vision, create and manifest a world in which LGBTQ+ people are able to live without fear or prejudice.
Fashion is subjective, there is no right or wrong. Many social environments occupy a space around judging and questioning the motives of unknown peers for self validation. In reality, and much like the persuasion of the way an individual chooses to love, all that really matters is if they are thriving.
Fashion is an act of expression. Clothing can create a conversation. Our Care range starts many. Show you care by combining the support of Pride with the support of Glamorous’ conscious cause. Glamorous Care is a collection that combines the most loved shapes, patterns and colours whilst utilising sustainable fabrics. We’re on a positive journey to reduce the impact that fashion has on the planet by exploring recycling, minimising waste and finding sustainable material.
In ‘69 The Stonewall Riots sparked the catalyst of change. Glamorous are ever in full support of Pride. Our Care Range is designed to last and become timeless fashion. As this principle suggests we believe Glamorous Care is the perfect collection to be proud of and in.
Don’t just wear the rainbow, embody it wholeheartedly.


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