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Agon - A new type of Activewear

by Mary-Kate McAllister 27 Feb 2024

Are you tired of wearing the same old boring workout clothes to the gym? Do you want to stand out while breaking a sweat? Well, Glamorous has got you covered with their new activewear line, Agon! Say goodbye to drab and hello to fab with these stylish pieces that will make you the envy of the treadmill.

Agon is not your average activewear line. It's designed for those who want to look good even while working out. Say goodbye to frumpy gym clothes and hello to sleek, stylish pieces that will make you feel like a fitness fashionista. With Agon, you can go from the gym to brunch without missing a beat.

 Our Agon Signature range is like your trusty sidekick, always there to support you through the ups and downs of daily life. Made from smooth fabrics and designed with body sculpting seams, these pieces are designed to embrace and support your body through any challenge. Get ready to slay in our signature collection, featuring matching Sport Bras, Long Sleeve Tops, Half Zip Tops & leggings!


Signature Styles

 Agon pieces are not just for the gym - they're perfect for your everyday uniform. Whether you're running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or just lounging at home, our Agon Lounge & Everywear pieces will keep you looking chic and put together.

Upgrade your workout wardrobe with Agon and start turning heads at the gym. Get ready to sweat in style and feel fabulous every step of the way!
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