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Take a walk on the Wild Side

by Mary-Kate McAllister 27 Feb 2024

Roaring into the fashion scene with untamed elegance, leopard print has clawed its way back into the spotlight, becoming a timeless trend that transcends seasons. In this blog post, we'll unravel the fierce allure of leopard print, showing you how to seamlessly incorporate this wild pattern into your contemporary wardrobe. Get ready to unleash your inner fashion predator as we embark on a journey through the jungle of style. 


Elevate your style with a touch of the wild – just one leopard print piece can transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it's a daring blouse, a statement skirt, or a fierce pair of shoes, let that singular leopard print item take centre stage. Grab our glamorous leopard mini skirt and let the bold pattern speak volumes, adding an element of untamed glamour to your ensemble without overwhelming your overall aesthetic. Unleash the power of the print with confidence, embodying the essence of chic with a hint of the wild side.

Leopard Print PU Mini Skirt


Embrace the bold and the beautiful as you embark on a fearless journey into the heart of fashion's wild side – the full leopard ensemble. Amplify your style with an all-over leopard print look that demands attention and exudes confidence. Whether it's our chic leopard wrap dress or our coordinated sets, immerse yourself in the untamed elegance of head-to-toe feline fashion. Embrace the power of the print, allowing it to become the focal point of your outfit, creating a statement that is utterly fierce.  

Brown Leopard Bias-Cut Mini-Skirt


Brown Leopard Tiered Wrap Midaxi-Dress


Dive into the realm of understated allure with the mystique of dark leopard. Opting for a single piece in this rich, subdued palette introduces a touch of feline sophistication to your wardrobe. Slip into our glamorous green mini shift dress to take on the trend with a subtle approach. Allowing the deep tones to seamlessly integrate into your ensemble, creating a sophisticated allure that whispers rather than roars. Step into the shadows of style with dark leopard, where understated chic meets the untamed. 

Green Mini Leopard Shift Mini Dress


Redefine the boundaries of boldness with coloured leopard print. Elevate your fashion game by embracing vibrant hues within the leopard pattern, adding an unexpected twist to the classic. Whether it's a vivid pink, electric blue, or daring green, infusing colour into your leopard look transforms it into a lively masterpiece. Break free from convention, and let the vibrant spots become an expression of your individuality. This take on leopard print not only commands attention, but also celebrates the fusion of wild spirit and contemporary flair, proving that true style knows no limits. 

Blue Leopard Print Mini Wrap Dress 

Deep Orchid Leopard Print Halter Neck Mini Dress

 Multi Leopard Wide Leg Trousers


As we conclude our exploration into the captivating world of leopard print fashion, remember that style is not just about what you wear; it's a statement, a reflection of your unique personality. Whether you opt for a single, dark-toned piece for subtle sophistication or dare to go all-in with a bold, coloured leopard ensemble, the key lies in embracing the untamed spirit within. So, unleash your inner fashion predator, experiment with patterns, colours, and styles, and let the allure of leopard print become your signature roar in the vast jungle of fashion. With every spotted step, express yourself fearlessly, because in the wild world of style, it's not about fitting in – it's about standing out. 


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